Connecting executives, creatives, and rising entrepreneurs through an inclusive network full of culture and opportunity. Membership includes exclusive events, a diverse network, podcasting services and a collaborative environment to spark creativity and create the change in the Saint Louis region needed so that all industries can recruit and retain a diverse workforce through a sense of community.

The idea for KAZI came from the meaning of its name which means "work" in Swahili. We are an on location collaborative space where people of color can not just feel welcomed but where they are prioritized. We have a unique structure that allows us to work with both individual and corporate members to ensure that every member comes to Kazi to make the professional and personal connections needed to ensure Saint Louis feels like home. Without a safe space for professionals, the ever trending panel discussions, diversity task forces, and pledges of support to the black community will continue to provide empty results. What our audience wants more is a sense of a community and Kazi Society provides that, with results corporations can appreciate and the social and  economic impact our regions needs.

Kazi Society is the brainchild of native St. Louisian Jami Dolby who has a long standing passion for the St. Louis community and highlighting all the good things it has to offer. 

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Kazi Society

1204 Washington Ave., 4th Floor Saint Louis, MO 63103